What Do You Need to Know About Different Types of Floors?

The decision to make on what type of floor to install is one of the most vital decisions one will ever make when it comes to remodeling a house. A right floor creates fabulous and functional epicenter of your home, providing you beauty, durability, and comfort. Discover all about floors: the best options for your home. Learn about hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet, their pros and cons, and find the perfect fit. Since the above types of flooring are an important decision in any home, it is useful to clearly differentiate between the properties of each of them.

Hardwood Flooring

Wide plank hardwood floor is one of the most exquisite products that make everyone’s house look more noble. This means it is extremely resistant to damage and if well taken care of, it can last for decades. Another commercial type of floor is a hardwood one that is available in different types of wood, finished variations, and colors. It is a bit costly as compared to the other types of banisters and it needs refinishing after every few years. Moreover, we know that hardwood also responds to additional moisture and which may lead to some warping.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring are much cheaper than hardwood floorings making it a suitable option for many individuals. It is formally matching the appearance of wood or stone, whereas it has an advantage of being very hard wearing and can not be easily scratched or dented. The process of installation is comparably easy due to the intuitive functioning of the click-and-lock mechanism. Nonetheless, laminate cannot be refinished and is also a bit vulnerable around areas being exposed to water, thus it is not suitable for places with much exposure to moisture.

Vinyl Flooring

It is noteworthy that vinyl today has gone through changes and is available in the form of planks, tiles, sheets, etc. It’s more advantageous when it comes to waterproofing and this is due to it being ideal for use in the kitchen, the bathroom or the basement. It is soft to touch and wear and it is easy to clean especially using vinyl cleaner. The disadvantage includes inability to provide the house with a much needed value addition in terms of floors as compared to hardwood or tile, and this can be harmful environmentally, depending on the type.

Tile Flooring

tiles such as ceramics and porcelains are specifically popular for their hardness, water resistance, and general compatibility for bathrooms and kitchens. It provides enormous opportunities to choose more variants of a design. However, the tile floors lack that comfort you get from most other types of floors, they are cold and hard hence not convenient to stand on especially to do tasks that require you to spend several hours on your feet. However, this comes with its own challenges such as staining and , therefore, may need some level of upkeep.

Carpet Flooring

Carpets enhance the interior décor by giving it warmth and comfort compared to using rugs and thus suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. This provides for insulation from sounds and comes in various textures and colors. However, carpets are more prone to getting dirty since they can easily get stained and allergens can easily accumulate on its fibers that make it easier to accumulate dirt hence would require more frequent cleaning. In addition, they may also become worn out much faster in some areas than in others especially if they are accessed frequently by people.


It is therefore important to evaluate some of the criteria, including cost, ease of cleaning, performance, and appearance when choosing floors for a building. No matter whether you are a fan of the style and strength of a wooden floor, the cheap and easy-to-install laminate, the versatility of tile like pottery, or the softness of carpet, knowing the peculiarities of each type will let you make the right choice. Consulting a flooring and refinishing guru can provide additional insights to ensure you select the best flooring option for your needs

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